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Childhood adolescent reproductive age ,premenstrual age, and menopausal age, are the various phases of women, has to undergo and each of these phase has a completely different set of physical and sexual changes, gynaecology  clinic deals with all these phases

Attends all types of problems in adolescent girls, like primary amenorrhea (not attending menarchy)


Irregular or excessive bleeding problems, giving interactive lectures on adolescent changes and menstrual hygiene in schools and colleges.

PCOD and obesity

PCOD and obesity are increasing day by day.

  • Self examination of breast is shown and hands on teaching are done to women.
  • Increasing in adolescent girls and has become a significant cases of infertility in reproductive age groups as well as treatment of PCOD and obesity is life style modifications which needs meticulous use interactions as well as proper counselling and continuous guidelines from the dieticians.
  • PCOD clinic is the clinic on its own in the team of train personalities like counsellor, physical trainer, dietician and gynaecologist

Preventive oncology

As a cancer in the reproductive organs in female is one of the leading case of cancers in females so it causes worry in most of the females that is leading to unnecessary surgeries example: hysterectomy, especially in rural areas in India

  • The main cause of fear is the lack of awareness and lack of usage in screening methods which are simply appropriable and affordable, so we can focus mainly on creating awareness and provide complete screening methods like coloposeopy,cervical and endometrial biopsy, PAP smear, liquid base cytology(LBC)and HPV testing ,hysteroscopy, evaluation of utrain cavity regarding breast as it is very sensitive issue and a video tutorial regarding breast as it is a very sensitive issue all primary cases taken and a tutorial self examination of breast and hands on teaching is done to women in self examination of breast
  • Full pledged LD laparoscopic unit is present for surgeries on uterine as well as adnexal mass
  • Ultra sonography guided ovarian cyst operation theatre as per NABH guidelines