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we deal with high risk pregnancies ,which requires personalized treatment ex: Aldury primy gravid, medical complications with pregnancy, like diabetics,epilepsy,psychiatric problems etc,patients with bad obstric history and recurrent abortions are taken special care

some important tests for consanguineous marriage conceptions are done to rule out congenital anomalies

  • We put in all one efforts on each and every patient (frequent mother for normal vaginal delivery)
  • Our statistics of previous year are displayed in the board, we have a records of delivery ,even 98% normal delivery in one month but the range is in between 70-90%
  • To make this possible we have an extensive fatal and maternal monitoring systems ,like CTG,Fetal monitors,Multi Para Monitors ,for all the beds in pre labour room in 1:1 ratio of staff and patient of parturition mother and staff motorized maternal beds with screens are present for parturition mothers